Tracking with Crown Connect

Our valued customers may track all shipments via Crown Connect. Crown Connect tracking information is provided to all necessary company departments for tracking shipments in real time.

Crown Connect Tracking Benefits:

  • Reduction in phone calls, faxes, and emails.
  • Increased level of accuracy of the data with a single entry point.
  • Competitive advantage in meeting the request of shippers in today’s electronic world.

If at any time you wish to change your password, contact Crown Connect administrator

Please follow the instructions below to access Crown Connect:

  1. Click this link to sign in to your account:
  2. You are now able to click on Hawb’s and view each shipment.
  3. Each shipment will let you view STATUS UPDATES, PODS, NOTES, CHARGES, and SCANNED DOCUMENTS instantly. Please be advised, CHARGES and SCANNED DOCUMENTS will not be available until the shipment is completed and billed the following day.

Code Definition:

  • Tracking Scanned Documents Icon – Scanned Documents
  • OFD – Out for Delivery
  • View Notes Icon for Tracking Shipments in Crown Connect – View Notes
  • Scans – Receives Paperwork Scans Electronically
  • ALT – Inbound Alert
  • Invoice – Receives Invoices Electronically
  • DISP – Pickup Dispatched
  • REC – Pickup Recovered
  • OH – Delivery on Hand
  • POD – Proof of Delivery Obtained

Do you have questions about tracking?

If you have any questions or concerns please email: For a quote or questions outside of tracking, please give us a call at 866-SHIP-ETI or fill out our online contact form.