About Cold Chain

ETI increases our capacity by adding multiple trailers and straight trucks to our fleet with refrigerated technology. We service pharmaceutical companies and cold storage warehouses around the Northeast United States. Additionally, we have cold chain logistics and transportation methods and have put a major focus on investing in the best equipment on the market.

Cold chain logistics and transportation is the type of transportation from the 1940’s to allow foods to be cold or frozen in transit from point to point. Today, this includes refrigerated trailers and warehouses servicing the Food and Drug industries of the world. The cold chain industry is now over $200 Billion dollars in 2020, and forecasts are projecting it to grow up to $340 Billion by 2025.

Cold Chain Logistics Refrigerated Transportation in Allentown, PA

The pandemic has created a positive impact on the cold chain industry, resulting in fueling the demand for cold chain warehousing. COVID-19 impacted the supply chain of every industry due to restricted trade during the pandemic. Therefore resulting in food manufacturers emphasizing not only on food products, but also on their storage to increase their shelf-life, which is expected to expand the market for the cold chain industry. The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a shift toward an organized retail market for preventing any further virus outbreaks. Consumers have stockpiled processed food products with a long shelf life to perishable foods, and restricted trade movements between countries which have resulted in surpassing cold chain storage capacities in certain countries. These developments underscore the need for the food value chain to move from open-air markets to a cold-chain model that preserves perishable items for a longer duration. These factors are expected to propel the demand for cold chain focused businesses during the aforementioned forecast period.