Ocean freight shipping has brought numerous worldwide economic benefits. About 90 percent of everything we buy comes through sea transport. Most by container ships with more than 200 million shipping containers across the world.

Billions of tons of goods are transported every year along trade routes. Ocean freight uses high-capacity ships which transit regular routes on fixed schedules. Though the base cost of ocean freight is high, is scales pretty well and this makes it a popular choice for transporting goods.

Ocean Freight Containers Recovery and Delivery by ETI in Allentown, PA

But what is Ocean Freight?

Ocean Freight is a method of transporting large quantities of goods through the sea. Products are packed into large containers which are loaded onto vessels sailed to the destination country. Once arrived, companies such as ETI would recover the container to depart to its final destination.

ETI works primarily out of the Port of NY/NJ which happens to be the second largest port in the United States. ETI also goes to Philadelphia and occasionally Baltimore to recover containers for customers needs. Our trucks are equipped with RFID tags for Port entry. Our drivers hold both, TWIC and Sealink card credentials for access. Making us TSA compliant for entry at all terminals. ETI’s ability to recover from the port makes us a vital link in the supply chain, see recent news regarding how container shipping has directly impacted the US economy.