In today’s news, we have been seeing a Supply Chain crisis hitting almost all markets and aspects of everyday life. Whether it’s been economic issues regarding inflation, recession, or fluctuating Fed rates. To Import/Export services coming to basically a halt due to politics regarding staffing the ports for loading and unloading containers. Even the stock market has been seeing a myriad of lows in all sectors. The demand for retail products is still ever present with millions of Americans in need of supplies.

The most current product that is crippling to the American people is without a doubt the supply of Baby Formula affecting American families that are struggling to find formula for their children. Production channels simply cannot keep up with demand. It has even garnered the attention of the POTUS who has publicly stated his advocacy to help find a solution to this immediate issue.

ETI Trucking Baby Formula Shortage

We’re Here to Help

ETI Company, feeling the full force of this Supply Chain crisis, has been at the forefront since the pandemic began helping brokers and shippers find a way to effectively, and efficiently find ways to get their product to its ultimate destination. ETI was asked to transport baby formula from Philadelphia with a full escort to the Lehigh Valley area per the request and supervision of the US government. With our expert staff and professionally trained drivers, this was an opportunity to not only do what was asked, but an opportunity to help our broader community.

This crisis is bigger than ETI, and we all have families to support. That’s why this move was so important, not just for the customer, but to our company as a whole realizing we are the difference makers to keeping this country on its feet. Feeling the responsibility and pressure that “all eyes are on us” we stepped up and were successful in executing this run without fail. Afterwards, we felt a sense of comfort in knowing we assisted in the transportation of this formula and that we are helping to feed families in need.

ETI team with baby formula

We Meet Your Needs

ETI was built on one simple rule, “Customer first, always.”, and we pride ourselves on completing jobs that are time sensitive and if needed, philanthropic in design to help our neighbors. We strive to continue in this fashion moving forward and as a regional carrier the last 45 years. We are steadfast in our commitment to keeping the world moving and will continue to do so as the world changes. We will continually meet our customers’ needs and the needs of our ever-changing Supply Chain network we contribute to every day. If you need trucking assistance, fill out our contact form.