When shipping Pharmaceutical products all U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations must be met.  The regulations can be found here. The regulations apply to produce, beverages, vaccines, Baby Formula, and more.

The World Health Organization also has regulations for shipping pharmaceuticals and vaccines to foreign countries. The regulations cover packaging, handling, and storage. Exporters from the USA need to contact the World Health Organization (WHO) for updated requirements prior to shipping to the port of departure.

Cold Chain Shipping is a process of ensuring constant temperatures throughout the entire “chain” of the shipping process. At ETI we provide refrigerated trucks with subfreezing capability that ensure our shipments remain at the necessary temperature and are shipped the same day or the next day within DOT regulations. The creation of Covid vaccines underscored the need for cold chain logistic providers to deliver at lightning speed. The first shipping companies to do so began in the 1940s and the process was improved again in 2011.

Pharmaceutical Transportation Regulations

For shipments within the United States, the guidelines listed below must be followed.

  • The shipment must be temperature controlled.
  • The trailer must be cleaned to avoid cross-contamination.
  • The shipment must be secured, locked, and trackable.
  • All containers must be clearly labeled and marked.
  • Proper records of the travel must be documented.
  • Personnel handling the shipment must have documented training.

Pharmaceutical Shipping Companies on the East Coast

When you need a shipment handled quickly with top-notch stress-free service, contact us at ETI. We provide up-to-date tracking, temperature validation readings, and constant communication from our highly specialized Pharmaceuticals Dispatch team. Call us at 866-SHIP-ETI or fill out our request form for an immediate response. “When you find out today, you needed it yesterday, and can’t wait until tomorrow.”